At Religion Free Ministry we love to share the grace message with those yet to believe, as well as share with believers the TRUTH that they are forgiven once and for all and freed from the chains and shame of their past. You don’t have to feel unloved or alone ever again! It’s not about behavior modification, try harder or what you’ve done, it’s all about what HE DID! Join us in celebrating Jesus, His finished work, our new identity in Christ, our online families, our small group families and our local church families and watch Him supernaturally raise dead bones to life!

  • Jail/Prison Outreach
  • Street Meals Outreach
  • Jesus Unfiltered Podcast
  • Grace Themed Music Production
  • Grace Message Training Cohorts
  • Small Group/Church Planting Consultation
  • Books
  • Social Media
  • Speaking Engagements