S1E1 – The Cross Worked (feat. Zach Maldonado)

S1E2 – Security: Do You Have It?

S1E3 – Are You Fulfilled & Loved? (feat. Kim Francis)

S1E4 – We always knew, but we didn’t, but we do now! (feat. Stacy McBride)

S1E5 – To China and Back (feat. Steve Schirmer)

S1E6 – Why Not Religion, How To Forgive Someone, Am I Religious?

S1E7 – Jesus, Church Plant, Worship Team Walk Outs, Wiccans and Laughs (feat. Pastor Casey Stone)

S1E8 – Done with Religion? Unity and living outside institutional religion (feat. Jim Gordon)

S1E9 – Coaching, Church Planting, Loving Like Jesus Over and Over (feat. Pastor Philip Byers)

S1E10 – Addiction, Rejection and Freedom (feat. Jeremiah Johnson)

S1E11 – Religion focuses on externals, division exists where a Gospel focus doesn’t and suits and ties….not so much! (feat. Jon L. Groves)

S1E12 – Rejection can be redirection, Trust Christ Bro (feat. Ryan Meadows)

S1E13 – From misery to ministry (Part 1 feat. Rashawn Copeland)

S1E14 – Great summer devotional! Are you loved and forgiven? (feat. Kim K. Francis)

S2E1 – The End Of Religion Discussion (feat. Bruxy Cavey)

S2E2 – Patriarchal Tradition, Bringing Moses to Church & Much More (feat. Mike & Susan Adams)

S2E3 – Praying, New Covenant, Australia & More (feat. Caroline Harrington)